Monday April 21 , 2014
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Private Tutoring Services (PTS) provides individualized, self-paced academic instruction in innovative, positive and caring environments. We develop educational programs that foster curiosity, instill knowledge and promote cultural awareness. We utilize the newest technology in presenting our programs so as to best serve our students.

We believe that families and children are eager to undertake academic endeavors in a variety of modalities that maintain the highest level of integrity and excellence that stimulate the minds and imaginations of everyone involved. We also believe that the pace and style of learning need to be adaptable for the individual, within a structured environment and curriculum.

We hold dear to the idea that our goal as educators is to help develop well-rounded individuals who are excited by the learning process and who will evolve into contributing members of society.


Academics for Athletes

Since 1989, Private Tutoring Services has offered full and partial academic programs for professional and amateur athletes training in South Florida, the U.S., and internationally.

Tutorial Services

The team at Private Tutoring Services understands that no two students have the same academic needs, goals or learning styles.

Palm Beach International Academy

PBIA is a hybrid, blended-learning environment and program that offers individualized, self-paced instruction in a social environment.


Royal Palm Academy

RPA, an innovative educational center located in downtown Boca Raton, FL, helps all types of students discover a love of learning.